Two new reviews, two reminders

Two new reviews have appeared over the last couple of weeks.

Matthew Firth talks about Michael Dennis’ how are you she innocently asked in Front&Centre. The review can be read in full here, but you should also make a point of subscribing to the magazine here, read it in print!

rob mclennan discussed the two William Hawkins titles recently on his blog. He finds “much here to admire, and much to appreciate” while asking valuable questions.

Don’t forget the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair this Saturday, 12:00-5:00 at the Jack Purcell Community Centre. New Bill Hawkins titles, new Peter Gibbon, available backlist material from Leigh Nash, Stuart Ross, Michael Blouin and scarce copies of Michael Dennis and Ben Ladouceur. We’ve got it all!

And don’t forget Peter Gibbon reading this Friday at the Pre-Fair Reading, 7:30pm at the Carleton Tavern. We’ll be there with bells on (or with books in hand, at least).


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