Justin Million | Ejecta: The Uncollected KEYBOARDS! Poems

New from Apt. 9 Press, and now available for pre-order, is Justin Million’s Ejecta: The Uncollected KEYBOARDS! Poems. Read about the book (and about KEYBOARDS!) here.

The book launches in Ottawa at VerseFest on Saturday, March 28, at 1pm in the In/Words and Blue Mondays Showcase.

Pre-orders will ship in early April, and further launches are being planned. Contact Justin Million (or Apt. 9) if you want him to read from the book in your town.

Nelson Ball (1942-2019)

Nelson Ball died on Friday August 16, 2019.

Apt. 9 had the great privilege of publishing three chapbooks by Nelson, including Small Waterways (winner of the bpNichol Chapbook Award) and most recently, A Letter to Amanda Bernstein and a Checklist of Weed/Flower Press. A Letter to Amanda Bernstein was only published in June, and has now become his final publication during his life. I have put a pdf of the entire book online for those interested.

Thank you for your trust in Apt. 9 and for your life of small press work, Nelson. We miss you already. I have collected some inadequate thoughts and memories here.

20130807_141942 copy
Nelson Ball, Mount Pleasant Nature Park, August 2013.

New: Nelson Ball, “A Letter to Amanda Bernstein and a Checklist of Weed/Flower Press”

Apt. 9 Press is proud to announce the publication of Nelson Ball’s A Letter to Amanda Bernstein and a Checklist of Weed/Flower Press, Ball’s third chapbook with Apt. 9. This non-fiction account of Ball’s work as publisher of the legendary Weed/Flower Press is a vital contribution to the ongoing documentation of Ball’s small press work. It will be available for sale at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair on June 22, 2019 (details here), and online thereafter.

Now Available: too much nothing by Elisha May Rubacha

Apt. 9 is very excited to announce the publication of Elisha May Rubacha’s too much nothing. Rubacha is the editor and publisher of Peterborough’s bird, buried press and her contributions to the arts scene in her city recently put her on the shortlist for Peterborough’s Outstanding Emerging Artist Award. Apt. 9 loves to publish people who spend their time making books by others, and we’re very happy to have the privilege of publishing Rubacha’s excellent book.

You can read about the book here, and buy it here.

Interview, Open Book

It was very kind of Ben Ladouceur to ask me some questions about Apt. 9 and small press things, and to let me ramble on in my answers. Thanks Ben, and thanks Open Book for publishing it!

The Same Aspirations Persist: An Interview with Cameron Anstee, editor of Apt. 9 Press

“In 2016, three of the five chapbooks nominated for the bpNichol Chapbook Award came from the same press, Ottawa’s Apt. 9 Press. One of those Apt. 9 Press nominees, Nelson Ball’s Small Waterways, ultimately took the 2016 prize. This is Game of Thrones-level nomination-domination, a formidable accomplishment for a single publisher. But are things like awards very important to Apt. 9 Press editor Cameron Anstee? In the interview below, Cameron lays out why he does what he does.”